Wind Turbines in the News: The US

Economists Without Calculators

The power density of wind energy is roughly two watts per square meter, or about five megawatts per square mile. That means that by the end of 2011, the U.S. had covered a land area of about 9,400 square miles, just slightly smaller than the state of Maryland, with wind turbines. Therefore, to keep up with the growth in global electricity demand by using wind energy alone, the global wind industry will need to cover a land area of some 35,000 square miles — about the size of Indiana — with wind turbines. And it will have to do so every year from now through 2035.

That metric’s still hard to grasp, so let me put it another way: In order to merely keep up with the growth of global electricity use, the wind industry would have to cover 96 square miles every day with wind turbines. That’s an area about the size of four Manhattans.

Wind turbine output a lie (Vermont & NY)

A New Study Takes The Wind Out Of Wind Energy

Windmills Are Killing Our Birds
“Why aren’t wind companies prosecuted for killing eagles and other birds? “The fix here is not easy or cheap,” Mr. Lee told me. He added that he doesn’t expect to see any prosecutions of the politically correct wind industry.

This is a double standard that more people—and not just bird lovers—should be paying attention to. In protecting America’s wildlife, federal law-enforcement officials are turning a blind eye to the harm done by “green” energy.”

Fitting wind onto the electricity grid (part 2)

The reality of wind turbines in California – video
The reality of wind turbines in California – video

Wind Energy’s Real Problems: (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do With The Wall Street Journal)–Hint-It-Has-Nothing-to-Do-With-The-Wall-Street-Journal

A Problem With Wind Power


Wind Power Exposed: The Renewable Energy Source is Expensive, Unreliable and Won’t Save Natural Gas.

Wind Energy Gets Huge Subsidies. So Where Are The CO2 Reductions?

Wind Energy’s House of Cards

Evaluating the Feasibility of a Large-Scale Wind,
Water, and Sun Energy Infrastructure


The U.S. should stop wasting billions to subsidize unreliable wind energy projects.

What Dave and his chum Barack don’t want you to know about green jobs and green energy

Power grid narrowly averted rolling blackouts

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