Wind Turbines in the News: Elsewhere

Real-world tests of small wind turbines in Netherlands and the UK

“Two real-world tests performed in the Netherlands and in the UK confirm our earlier analysis that small wind turbines are a fundamentally flawed technology. Their financial payback time is much longer than their life expectancy, and in urban areas, some poorly placed wind turbines will not even deliver as much energy as needed to operate them (let alone energy needed to produce them). Given their long payback period relative to their life expectancy, most small wind turbines are net energy consumers rather than net energy producers.”

“The average electricity production of all 26 machines amounted to 78 kWh per year per wind turbine. This corresponds to an average output of 8.9 watts. This means that the turbines achieved on average less than 1% (actually 0.85%) of the maximum ouput stated by the manufacturers.”


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