Wind Turbines in the News: Denmark

The Performance of Wind Farms in the United Kingdom and Denmark
“The normalised load factor for UK onshore wind farms declines from a peak of about 24% at age 1 to 15% at age 10 and 11% at age 15. The decline in the normalised load factor for Danish onshore wind farms is slower but still significant with a fall from a peak of 22% to 18% at age 15.  On the other hand for offshore wind farms in Denmark the normalised load factor falls from 39% at age 0 to 15% at age 10. The reasons for the observed declines in normalised load factors cannot be fully assessed using the data available but outages due to mechanical breakdowns appear to be a contributory factor.

Windmills increase fossil fuel consumption & CO2 emission.

Denmark’s Wind Power Experience: Costs and Consequences

Peeling Away the Onion of Denmark Wind (Part I)

Struggle against large wind turbines

An ill wind blows for Denmark’s green energy revolution

Dong gives up on land-based turbines

Something Rotten In Denmark


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