Wind Turbines in the News: Ontario


Ontario electricity in the heat wave: who really pays the rent?

…the much vaunted wind farms that cost the current Ontario government its majority position in the provincial legislature in the 2011 general election—were producing a grand total of TWO megawatts. (Total generation at that time was 21,424 megawatts.)

Ontario’s Power Trip: The $4,000 electricity bill
“The Ontario Green Act promised to create 50,000 jobs. Our study concludes that each of those jobs will require a ratepayer subsidy of $200,000 annually, which effectively means that — as the LTEP reaches fruition — $10-billion will be extracted from ratepayers each year.

For the average ratepayer, an annual electricity bill will escalate from $1,700 per year to $2,800 by 2015 and by the time the renewables envisaged in the LTEP are largely in place (expected in 2018) an average ratepayer will be paying in excess of $4,000 annually — well over a doubling. Put another way Ontario’s ratepayers will be paying in excess of 40¢ per kWh, placing them on a par with Denmark, which suffers the highest cost of electricity in the developed world.”

The Chopping Block: 3. Green energy
“In the upcoming federal budget, the Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, has an opportunity to reduce further various green-­energy incentives. Contrary to the typical fabrication, these subsidies do not create more jobs. Sure, if you throw enough money at something, you can create jobs in that sector. But it doesn’t mean more jobs or growth for the whole economy”

Weather system keeps wind turbines from turning
Wind-generated electricity only provided 10 watts of power for Ontario as of 3 p.m. Tuesday, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) website indicated.”

Good Pickens in the Wind

Ontario scraps offshore wind power plans

The cost of wind: power when we don’t need it–the-cost-of-wind-power-when-we-don-t-need-it

Ontario blows it

Dirty wind-power war

Electricity “Generating Capacity”

Ontario Wind Integration Study

Don’t be seduced by wind’s breezy glamour
Province should seek an objective appraisal of wind turbines’ generating potential

Ontario’s wind power plans don’t add up

Why wind power is more complicated than people imagine
Many factors come into play as Ontario makes the switch to green energy, Tom Spears explains.

Wind power is a complete disaster

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