Chapter 4.7: Output vs Summer Temperature

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How does the wind perform when we are in the hottest days of summer?  Of course when everyone has their AC running demand is high.  So how much did wind contribute to that?  We will look at three specific periods of heat.  May 25 and 26, July 3 to 8 stacking that graph of temps with each wind project’s Hourly Capacity Factor.

May 25 and 26:

Red is 12 noon to 6pm, blue is 1am to 4am, which are the highest and lowest temps of the day.  Port Alma nicely sent out power in the middle of the night of the 25, and some 18% HCF part way through the 26th hottest time.  Port Burwell managed a respectable 40% by 4pm. Wolfe Island tried to ramp up, but missed and peaked after each hot spell.  The others, well, basically no contribution.  Very hit and miss as we will see for July 3 to 8 next:

Looks like a warm front came through on the 3rd of July with some winds.  Almost all the projects managed to catch that beginning, but by the end of the 5th production drops right off to a trickle.  The 6th to 8th, with highs reaching 35C, a high pressure cell moved in by the looks of the rapid drop off in wind to almost non existent.

In this period there are for all projects, 30 spikes in the middle of the night and, being generous, 30 spikes during the hottest parts of the day.  That represents about 30% hits for each.  That means, 30% of the time one of the projects will hit a peak output with a peak temperature.

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