Chapter 4.4.7 Wolfe Island

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Wolfe Island farm is located just off shore of Kingston, Ontario. (see details here)

This site has only been in production a little over a year.  Data starting in June 2009.  Since 2010 has been a poor year for wind over all, this site will get a slightly unfavorable view.  Though it wouldn’t take much to extrapolate its performance if the future returns to what has been in the previous 3 years.  If course, one will not know that until 2011 is over.

Maximum daily output in megaWatts:

Spread of daily megaWatts:

Maximum Hourly Capacity Factor:

Spread of the Hourly Capacity Factor:

Monthly Median, Average and Upper Standard Deviation:

Monthly skewness:

Winter output:

Spring output:

Summer output:

Fall output:

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