Chapter 4.4.2: Kingsbridge

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Kingsbridge wind farm is located near of Goderich, Ontario.  (see details here) .

It started commercial operations March. 2006.  This is what the maximum daily output for the full range looks like in megawatts.

This is the daily spread, variation between the max and min on each day:

As the maximum percent of Hourly Capacity Factor:

Spread of the difference between the maximum Hourly Capacity Factor and the minimum on the same day:

This is the median, average and upper standard deviations for all months:

Notice the very wide swings from winter to summer.  Every summer Median Capacity Factor is below 10%.  The summer of 2009 was particularly bad with a MCF of just 2%.  This means that  half the time in June and July of 2009 the output was less than 2% name plate!

You can see in the winter months of high spikes that the median actually was higher than the average (negative skew, see below).  This made those months particularly good for wind output, except when we get to winter in 2010.  Not a good year for wind production at this location.

This is what the skewness looks like:

The negative skewness for the summer months is well-defined, and appears to be progressing.  Feb 2007, Jan 2008, Dec 2008, then — no more negative skewness.

Winter output:

The missing “teeth” is likely caused from the original data being rounded, then rounded again when I do the conversion into the Hourly Capacity Factor.

Spring output:

Summer output:

Notice how poor this location is for harvesting wind.

Fall output:

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