Port Burwell

Port Burwell is just east of Port Alma on the shore of Lake Erie.  See details here.  Expect this to be similar to Port Alma.

MegaWatt Output for all days:

Min from Max variability in megaWatts:

Hourly Capacity Factor:

Spread of HCF:

Median, Average and Upper Standard Deviation:


Three distinct winter months with negative skewness show up here, as with other sites, save for the winter of 2010.

Summer output:

Similar uptick at the higher hourly capacity factor, like Port Alma, but not as pronounced.  The drop off after 95% is likely them turbines being turned off when the wind gets too high.

Spring output:

Spring higher output at the high end HCF has disappeared.

Summer output:

Again, the high end output is non-existant in the summer.

Fall output:

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