Chapter 4.4.3: Port Alma

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Port Alma wind farm is located along the Lake Erie shore line near the town of Port Alma, Ontario.  (see details here) .

Hourly generation in megaWatts since start up:

Range per day of output in megaWatts:

Maximum Hourly Capacity Factor:

Per day spread of between max and min of the Hourly Capacity Factor:

Change in Median, Average and Upper Standard Deviation per month since beginning:

Considerable difference in the summer to the rest of the year’s months.  The skewness looks like this:

Dec 2008, Feb 2009, and April 2009 saw negative skewness, which appear to be good periods of wind production (see chapter on good and bad months).

Winter output:

Notice the high output above 90% name plate in this bowl shape output.  This is likely caused from high winds during storm conditions, something that is testable. But equally important is that even though the average (capacity factor) is high, 43.5%, notice the spread of the percent name plates.  Virtually flat all along.  Only 3 of the bars are above 4%.  This means that even though the average is high, each percent name plate per hour are all about the same, less than 4% of the time.  Only 10% of the time is the output above 90% name plate.

Spring output:

Not as evenly spaced as winter, with only 6% above 90% name plate.  Zero output is climbing.

Summer output:

That high end disappears in the summer where the over all output is quite pathetic.

Fall output:

The higher output starts to reappear.

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