Welcome to Ontario Wind Performance


Welcome to Ontario Wind Performance blog, a website devoted to analyzing the output from Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT).

The claim from the wind industry is that wind will be able to provide replacement power for coal-fired plants.  The reason for abandoning coal is that wind is “cleaner” than coal.  The reasoning is that, though the price charged to consumers for wind power is much greater than coal power, it’s the price we have to pay to “save the planet.”

This site is going to challenge the following:

  • That Wind Power is a viable, reliable source of power;
  • That the wind industry is telling the truth on their stated claims;
  • That Wind can replace other sources of energy; and,
  • That Wind will save the planet.

Ontario is lucky in that we have the hourly output freely available on-line for all power generation.  We can access the data  in close to real-time on an hourly basis, and we can access the historical data too in CSV format and XML web pages.   Importing the data into a database and performing high school level statistics is then reasonably  straightforward.

We will also examine other aspects of the power system from time to time as well as look at other places in the world where wind has been touted as the new reliable source of power.

The bottom line from this analysis is that wind in Ontario is unsatisfactory at best.  Typically, when the wind blows we do not need the power since demand is low.  When the wind is low, such as hot summer days, is when we usually need it the most.

One item will be examined many times — the Capacity Factor. The wind industry is using the Capacity Factor to indicate what power will be available on a regular basis.  But this analysis will show that that number is unhelpful.  The number closest to what the physical output of wind is the Median Capacity Factor, a value often less than half the Capacity Factor the wind industry uses.

The Table of Contents is the fastest way to access particular articles.


Power Generation Data is available fro IESO at: http://www.ieso.ca/imoweb/marketdata/marketData.asp

Some of the chapters are not yet written, keep tabs on the TOC for new links.  Last update 25 Sept 2010.

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