Monthly Change of Factors

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Each month is plotted for the change in the various numbers.

Month Median Average Skew SD USD
Jan 25 33.95 0.63 30.8 55.8
Feb 21 30.7 0.795 29.7 50.7
Mar 19 29.4 0.939 29.5 48.5
Apr 24 32.8 0.702 29.6 53.6
May 13 24 1.171 26.5 39.5
Jun 7 14.7 1.88 19.9 26.9
Jul 7 13.4 1.812 17.3 24.3
Aug 8 15.3 1.657 18.6 26.6
Sep 10 17.6 1.626 21.6 31.6
Oct 21 30.4 0.837 28.9 49.9
Nov 21 29.1 0.876 27.6 48.6
Dec 28 37 0.514 31.9 59.9

The top graph with the three lines shows the Median Capacity Factor, the average (Capacity Factor) and the upper Standard Deviation.  You can see th 3 summer months show a real drop in the percent.   The smaller Standard Deviation in the summer shows that the range of output is narrowly defined about the low-end of the percent name plate.  That is, not as much variation in the range of output as the winter has.  The winter shows higher Capacity Factors, but the swings in intermittency is higher in the winter.  That mean wind produces more in the winter but is less predictable in its ups and downs.  The summer is smoother is its fluctuations or intermittency.

The bottom graph shows the change in the skewness.  That is, in the winter the difference between the Median Capacity Factor is closer to the Capacity Factor (average) than in the summer.  This means the Capacity Factor in the winter is closer to reality (Median) than in the summer.

The little upticks of October and April likely are caused by the increase of weather activity in those two months as we transition into the next season.  April showers bring May flowers.

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